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About Ideal Mantra

We are Team Ideal Mantra, and we run one of the main authority sites about Mantras on the internet. The team was originally founded by Pradeep Kumar, a man born and raised in India, a country where you can find Mantras and prayers almost everywhere, used in nearly every occasion, be it for marriage, relaxation, education, wealth and peace and more.

In India, when a child is born he is welcomed into the world with Mantras.  When he was in school, they used to pray in the mornings by chanting The Gayatri Mantra.

photo when i ready for mantra chant

His journey started at the age of 8. His family has always placed great importance on prayers, mantras and spirituality – only eating after they have offered their morning and evening prayers!

When he was 8 years old his father encouraged him to take deeksa. He underwent spiritual training (deeksa) from a famous Indian Guru (master). He has continued to chant and studying Mantras, and became an expert in both their meaning and application.

His childhood was spent immersed in ancient scriptures, mystical texts and Mantra chanting. Rigorous training has allowed him to gain experience and mastery in this field.

At Ideal Mantra, we love to chant Mantras and write about Mantras and the many ways they can enrich one’s life. We love talking about Mantras and the knowledge we have gained over years of studying and practicing. We enjoy sharing our experiences with others in the hope they will help other people to improve their lives, and also learning about others’ experience with Mantras as well.

We have dedicated much of our lives to the study of Mantras and the attainment of spiritual knowledge.

Aside from this running this website, members of team Ideal Mantra are very much like normal people! We enjoy the simple pleasures of life – reading books on spirituality, cricket, meditating and travelling to beautiful places.

Why This Site Was Started

We wanted a platform to share our experiences, knowledge and thoughts about Mantras. In our opinion, the internet is the biggest platform anyone can have, and we did not find any site on Mantras that we felt offered enough information to really benefit their readers – we wanted to be able to let our knowledge reach a vast audience.

Mantras are often very complicated to understand, but here on this website we will try to make them as simple as possible for you to better understand their meaning, how to use them, and what they work for.

If you really want to benefit from using Mantras in your life, you should follow all the instructions on this website and chant Mantras with full concentration and faith.

If you have had profound changes or experiences in your life from using these Mantras, please share your experience and thoughts with us – we always love to hear from our followers!

It is our strong belief that when you chant Mantras regularly, you will definitely see benefits and feel the positive energy and happiness which we feel.

Thank you for taking the time to read about team Ideal Mantra. We wish you good luck on your journey of inner transformation!

If you have any questions please Contact Me


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