Om Shanti Shanti Shanti for Spiritual Fulfilment


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti – The Ideal Mantra for Alleviation of Inner Turmoil Om Shanti Shanti Shanti is a meditation mantra that promotes peace and spiritual upliftment. If you desire to obtain ultimate bliss and relive yourself of stress by increasing harmony with the universe, then this prayer is surely your answer. Om (Aum) Om, … Read more

Lord Krishna mantra Experiences

Lord Krishna mantra Experiences by Prakash Vir Ruhil (Agra and New Delhi) We are a simple middle class family. I have my wife, a son and a daughter. I was eager to know about the GOD and started to read books belongs to spiritual knowledge. When my son completed his schooling and started doing C.A. … Read more

Rahu Mantra can take your life at top

Let’s See the Power of Rahu Mantra That Can Change Your Life Forever The benefits of Rahu Mantra can be visualized in every aspect of life. You must know how Rahu affects your life, and how the mantra can help you to live a sustainable life cycle. Its powerful positive vibration can really change the course … Read more

importance of gayatri mantra meaning in getting benefits


Why is it must to understand gayatri mantra meaning before chanting Hello friend! How is your spiritual journey going on? I want to start this topic with some questions that will help you to fully understand the concept I am going to tell you. The toughest and most boring task ever. What will happen if … Read more

Shani Mantra: Limit the ill effects of Shani


How Can You Use Shani Mantra to Please Shani Dev? My guru always said that if Shani Dev is in your favour, the sky is the limit for your life! But if you are suffering from Saturn transit, what can you do to please this deva? Chanting the Shani Mantra is a way to be blessed … Read more

Know goddess gayatri’s 5 most effective mantras


Who is the Goddess Gayatri? In Indian scriptures, Goddess Gayatri is the mother of the Vedas. Even the holy Trinity of the Hindu pantheon (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) revere and worship Gayatri. Gayatri embodies the virtues of purity, truth and knowledge. She is gracious and filled with “rajoguna”. Even Brahma the creator requires the power … Read more

Mantra Chants: Learn How To Make Them More Effective

How To Gain More From Mantra Chants When someone hears about Mantra chants and meditation, their first question is, this is interesting, which mantras should I chant? But before I tell you which Mantras to chant, you should ask me, why should you chant? This is just as important for getting the desired results. The results … Read more

Beej Mantras can solve your problems instantly

Chant the Beej Mantras to Bring Success and to Illuminate Your Life! Seed or Beej Mantras are not just monosyllabic chants that create a rhythmic effect of an aura around you. But they also solve myriad problems in your life, if you can concentrate, have faith upon the Mantras and consider them to be part … Read more

Know Shiva puja’s mantras and articles which are used in puja


Learn how certain goods used along with mantras can make Shiva puja much more effective. Shiva puja (worship) is a show of devotion to Lord Shiva, who is said to be the easiest God to please. You can use different articles for fulfilling your different purposes in the worship. The first and the foremost you … Read more

How to recite namokar mantra


How to make namokar mantra more easy to use Are you bored from reciting Mantras?  Are you not getting much benefit from recite Mantras? Are you not feeling any difference while reciting Mantras?\ These problems and questions occur when your method of reciting is incorrect or you don’t do it in a proper way. Like … Read more