How to recite namokar mantra


How to make namokar mantra more easy to use

Are you bored from reciting Mantras? 

Are you not getting much benefit from recite Mantras?

Are you not feeling any difference while reciting Mantras?\

These problems and questions occur when your method of reciting is incorrect or you don’t do it in a proper way.

Like other factors, recitation of mantra too makes a lot difference in benefits gained by it.

You can recite these mantra following these two methods-

In first way you need to follow the meditation trick.

You need to focus on some of the points of your body. It’ll be good if you already have some basic information about meditation my friend.

Most easy methods of reciting Namokar Mantra

namokar manta with meaning

  • Meditate on Sahastrar chakra first reciting these Mantras wishing for well being of all.
  • Meditate on Agya chakra willing to destroy all your sins and vicious thoughts. Meditating on Agya chakra is very important for such purpose my friend as it has the power to destroy any kind of evil.
  • Meditate on swadhisthan chakra and wish to have love for all.
  • Meditate on Anahat chakra willing for having faith and joy for all and later for developing it in you.
  • Focus on muladhar and swadhidthan chakra with the wish of complete jagran (awakening).

can follow pranayam way (inhalation and exhalation way) to make it more
powerful for physical purifications. If you recite it this way, this Mantra
bestows the boons of victory, bounty, power and bliss. There are three pauses
when you recite it.

  • Do the same things as you do in pranayam.
  • Inhale and recite the first mantra.
  • Exhale and recite the second mantra.
  • Follow the same pattern with all the remaining mantras.
  • Once you are done with all the mantras feel like evil in you is getting less by and by. Fell the positive energy all around.
  • Try to do it this way as much as you can and you will feel your mind being more pure every time.

Benefits of Namokar mantra

The benefits of mantra depend on the person, who recites it, the way it is recited and the place, where it is recited. However,

  • As we pay respect to our seniors in every feat and every time we recite a mantra, our ego comes to an end.
  • Inner peace starts increasing.
  • External as well as inner cleanliness can be observed.
  • Development and progress on spiritual path starts happening at once.
  • Even enemies start singing songs of your triumph openheartedly, in short your fame starts spreading by leaps and bounds.
  • Your life span increases, you can easily feel the positive energy surrounding you all the time.

There are a number of experiences available in Jain scriptures where namokar mantra has manifested its endless powers.  There are endless legends about the power of this Mantra.

The one, who recites this Mantra with real faith, gets the height of everlasting benefits. It will be right to say that this mantra opens the gate of prosperity for its practitioners.

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