Shani Mantra: Limit the ill effects of Shani

Shani Mantra Guide
By E. A. Rodrigues - Public Domain, Link

How Can You Use Shani Mantra
to Please Shani Dev?

My guru always said that if Shani Dev is in your favour, the sky is the limit for your life! But if you are suffering from Saturn transit, what can you do to please this deva?

Chanting the Shani Mantra is a way to be blessed by this deva.

But I know many people who do not know how to chant this mantra correctly.

Incorrect chanting means that the Mantra will not be effective. How can you fix this?

Start chanting the Shani Mantra from here

  • Select a place: When I do pray and chant the Shani Mantra, I go to Shani temple. But if you did not find any temple, you have the option to recite the Mantra at home in front of idol or picture. Let me tell you that you need to prepare your place of worship by cleaning it with holy water, decorating with flowers an also Incense sticks.
  • Goods for Worship: There are many goods you can use when praying, but they can be costly or unavailable. Here are some common but important products for prayers – blue lajwanti flowers, black sesame seeds, mustard oil and jaggery.
  • Now, how do you set up and start your worship? Light your oil lamp (Deepak or diya) in front of the Deva’s picture. For showing your feeling and spirituality, you should offer blue colored lajwanti flowers, black sesame seeds, mustard oil and jaggery to Deva’s picture.
  • Chant this Mantra 23,000 times regularly. 

Mantra for Shani dev

  • Time- Timing and consistency in practice is important. I think you also see people who chant the mantra regularly in starting but after 1 or 2 week they not chant consistency. Then they say shani mantra doesn’t work. But I hope you do consistency. You can pray both evening and morning. If time is your problem then, you do any one time but both are better if you can.
  • It’s time to apologize for all your intentional and unintentional misdeeds.  Request for blessing. Express regret for your sins. I am sure if your Request from the pure heart and respectful mind, the deva will forgive your wicked deeds. I also pray for you
  • It is optional for you. You can perform worship to Rahu and Ketu after worshipping Shani Dev.
  • There are some tasks you must do every Saturday – water the roots of a peepal tree and light an oil lamp here. This  religious work is something my mother used to do, even though she was not harmed by the deva. You should also tie a cotton thread seven times around the tree. This is a typical task in Hindu prayers.
  • Fasting on Saturday is the best way to appease Shani Deva. Fasting will show the Deva how serious you are and give you his blessings.

At the end of the day, you can have the Prasad of urad dal and rice khichadi after offering it to Shani Dev. You can also share it with your friends and family. Remember to wear all-black clothing on your Saturday worship.

In this way, you can please Saturn and reduce your punishment. Special Shani Dev prayers on Saturday morning after a bath can also give good results.



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