What is Om? : A Simple Introduction

Introduction to Om

What is Om? Find out how you can use
this mantra in your life

What is Om or Aum, It is a word and a symbol that contains the entire universe. The presence of Om benefits mankind in many ways.

In fact, it is even known as Pranava or Origin.Some skeptics say that Om has no meaning at all, and others claim it is just another mantra.

For us Hindus, it is the most sacred quote and mantra, found at the beginning of every Vedic chant.

Over time, other religions like Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism have co-opted the use of Om, and slowly, western cultures too are beginning to understand the power of Om after some scientific experimentation.

How can Om help you in your daily life?

Om is a part of life for all Hindus. In Hinduism, the morning starts with the chanting of Om.

  • When a child is born, he is fed honey, and the Om symbol is traced on his tongue. This symbolic gesture blesses the child and grants him a bright future.
  • During the Upanayan Sanskaram of a child, his head is shaved. Om is then written on his scalp to signify the presence of Om in the central chakra of his being.
  • Om is an internationally accepted holy symbol. Not just Indians but believers all around the world trace the Om symbol on their bodies. It is said that this enhances one’s aura.
  • Every Hindu home has at least one picture of Om in the house. Even foreigners have started adopting this as a lucky charm.
  • Hindus of all professions put the Om symbol on financial papers for good luck.
  • The Om symbol is also popular in jewellery and is seen frequently on rings and pendants.

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How can you use Om in your daily life to solve your problems?

  • Listening to a recording of Aum chants, or chanting Aum in the morning can give you a positive attitude for the rest of the day.
  • You can say Aum before drinking water or eating food.
  • Put up an image of Aum on the eastern wall of your home to invite positive energy and calmness into your home.
  • You can say Aum whenever you are free, just to energize your atmosphere.
  • Chant Aum before performing any prayers.
  • Chant Aum before going to bed.

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How powerful is Om?

If you don’t understand what is om and how powerful it is. Here is a brief discussion about Om power

Om Mantra is by far the most powerful of them all. Chanting it gives you an amazing and ethereal experience.

The energy and vibrations from the chanting of Om can take you on a tour of the entire universe. You can travel through your body and see through time and space.

According to the Vedas and Upanishads, you are the God, and God lies within you. By chanting Om, you can visit your inner God and get closer to Him.

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